What You Should Know About Parts Replacement

What You Should Know About Parts Replacement

As with anything, it’s important to know what you are entitled to when it comes to part replacement.  When you come to any repair facility you should know that you are entitled by law to the return of all parts that are replaced in your car.

 There are a couple exceptions to this.  One is when the parts are too large or heavy and not easily portable. The facility may not prevent the customer from removing it, but it would be at the customer’s expense.  If the part is considered flammable, for safety reasons the facility is not required to return the part.  Finally, if the part is required to be sent back to the manufacturer or distributor because of core value or warranty it does not have to given to the customer. Facilities are charged a core fee until the old part is returned to the distributor.   If it is a core issue, the customer does have the option to pay the fee and receive the old part.

All replaced parts not returned to the customer must be kept by the facility for a minimum of two business days after the vehicle has been reclaimed by the customer.

Whether you choose to take the old parts or not you are always entitled to inspect the parts.  This includes those that cannot be returned because of size or exchange agreement.  This is also an opportunity to inspect and better understand why the part failed. 

In the case of an insurance paid transaction, it is important for the customer to know that they have the right to the returned parts; not the insurance company.

At Cruise Transmission & Auto Repair we try very hard to consciously recycle old parts.  The used parts that do not go back to the customer, manufacturer or distributor are disposed of through a reputable scrap metal company.  We DO NOT simply throw them in the trash. 

Please know that during this COVID pandemic, we at Cruise Transmission & Auto Repair continue to take steps to ensure the safety and health of our customers, staff and community.  Please staff safe!

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